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The Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program in the Portuguese Media 2012

The Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program in the Portuguese Media 2012 November, 2012
Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program: Open Call for Scholarships 2013/2014
[Expresso Emprego]

Partnerships renewed with Austin and Carnegie Mellon Universities
[Exame Informática]

VENIAM Spin-off Wins ISCTE-IUL MIT Portugal Competition
[On Line News]
October, 2012
The CMU Portugal was Renewed with a Particular Attention to Innovation and New Business Opportunities
[Semana Informática]
September, 2012
Twenty Million Euros for the New Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program
[Dinheiro Vivo, SapoTek, Canal Superior, Ciência PT, Jornal da Madeira online, Diário de Notícias da Madeira, Sol online, i online, Diário de Notícias Ciências online, Público online, Público, Diário de Notícias da Madeira, Diário As Beiras, Jornal da Madeira online, PortugalMail, ComputerWorld]

The Rector of the Universidade da Madeira Comments on the Renewal of the CMU Portugal Partnership
[Jornal da Madeira online]

Partnership Between UMa and Eight other Portuguese Universities and CMU Guaranteed until 2017
[Jornal da Madeira online]

Government Renews Partnership between Portuguese Universities and Carnegie Mellon University
[TV Ciê]
August, 2012

Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program Overview
[Dinheiro Vivo Online]

Pittsburgh: From the Steel to a High Tech Town
[Dinheiro Vivo Online]

REAP.PT Project Enables Foreign Students to Learn to Read Portuguese
[Ciência Hoje, Diário dos Açores]

André Martins Develops: “A model that uses statistics to revolutionize the way computers understand the human language”
[Exame Informática]
July, 2012
PT-STAR Project: Researchers Create a Speech Translation System for Portuguese
[Ciência Hoje, Canal Superior Online]

COMPTA Connects with Universities Through the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program’s Internships
[Correio da Manhã]

DRIVE-IN Project: Cars Can Communicate With Each Other as They Go
[Jornal de Notícias, TEK.SAPO,, Universidade de Aveiro website]

Vital Responder Project: Wearable Sensors for Posture Monitoring and Fall Detection for Elderly People
[Sol online, Diário Digital, Jornal da Madeira online, Diário de Aveiro, Diário de Leiria, Universidade de Aveiro website]

Robert Unitech said: “The Business Angels Invest in People, More Often than they Invest in Technology”

Francisco Veloso said: “We Want to Educate Agents of Change”
[Diário Económico]

Carnegie Mellon: A High Tech University

Researchers Around the World Take Part in the 2 nd Edition of the Lisbon Machine Learning School

Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program Waits for a Decision
[Diário Económico]
June, 2012
To Have Lots of Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Can Be Bad
[Expresso, The Economist, VOX – Research-based policy analysis and commentary from leading economists]

Carnegie Mellon University Gives Two Awards to Sergio Pequito
[Dinheiro Digital,, Expresso Online,, Rádio Renascença, Porto,, SIC Notícias Online, Diário Digital Online]

The Economic Recovery through the Entrepreneurship
[Semana Informática, Algarve Press Diário]

André Martins Receives IBM Scientific Award 2011
[, Fibra online, Sapo Tek, PT Jornal, website of the Instituto Superior Técnico of the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Ciência.PT, BIT Tecnologia para Todos, Expresso Online, SIC Notícias Online, Visão Online, Porto, TVI 24 Online, Diário Digital, RTP Online, MSN Online, Jornal de Notícias Online, Público Online,, Oje Online, Sapo Online, TV Ciência, Visão, Lux Online, Correio da Manhã]

“We Need Companies that want to Become World Leaders,” interview with Francisco Veloso
May, 2012
HCI Student Will do an Internship at Apple
[Público, Ciência Hoje, Singular Magazine Online, TVI24 Online, Fibra online]

The Challenge of Exporting Technology
[Jornal de Negócios – In]
January, 2012
The Future of Humanity is in the Hands of Math, Interview to Irene Fonseca
[Diário Económico]

External Review Committee of the Carnegie Mellon Program is Extremely “Impressed” with the Results
[Lusa, Diário de Notícias Online, Público Online, Jornal de Negócios – In, Correio da Manhã, Metro Portugal, Diário de Notícias da Madeira Online, Ciência Hoje Online]

Young Researchers Blend Technology with the Madeira Island Culture
[Ciência Hoje Online]

Manuela Veloso says that “The Future is in the Symbiosis Between Human and Machine”

“Novabase Knew How to Dream High”, interview to Luís Paulo Salvado
[Human Resources Magazine]