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The Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program in the Portuguese Media 2011

The Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program in the Portuguese Media, 2011 December, 2011
Portuguese Researcher Recognized
[Lusa, Expresso Online, Ciência Hoje Online, TEK SAPO, Boas Notícias Online, Diário de Notícias Online, Correio da Manhã Online, Mafra Online, Açoriano Notícias Online, Diário Digital Online, TSF Online, Renascença Online, Jornal de Notícias, Expresso, Fibra Online, Visão, Saúde e Bem Estar]

The Creation of the Lord of the Rings’ Gollum Explained in Porto
[Ciência Hoje Online, JPN Online ]
November, 2011
Irene Fonseca: The Math Champion
[Lusa, Público, Diário de Notícias, Jornal de Notícias, Expresso Online, Jornal da Madeira, Ciência Hoje Online, Expresso, Máxima Online Público Online, Destak Online, Diário de Notícias Online, Mais Actual Online, Figueirense, RTP Online, TVI24 Online]

Portugal is after American Students

Cutting-Edge Researchers
[O Interior]

When VideoGames Become Science
[Ciê, Lusa, RTP Online, Diário Digital Online, Expresso Online, I Online, SIC Notícias Online, Visão Online, Primeiro de Janeiro, Universia Online, BIT Online]

Allegheny County, by Paulo Salvado CEO of Novabase
[Diário Económico Online]

Attention to Phishing in Computers’ Security, says the expert Frank Pfenning
[Fibra Online]

Luís Salvado, Novabase CEO, Writes about the ICT role in Portugal
October, 2011
Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program Attracts 12 Million from the Private Sector
[Económico Online]

Third Annual Carnegie Mellon Portugal Conference
[Ciência PT, Super Indústria]
September, 2011
The “Smart Inspector” Code V Was Invented in Coimbra
[Fibra Online]
August, 2011
Making Computers See Like Humans Lead Portuguese Scientists to the USA
[DN Online, DN da Madeira, Jornal da Madeira Online, BIT Online, Sapo Online, Lusa, Diário de Notícias, Jornal de Notícias, Correio da Manhã, Jornal da Madeira Online, Ciência Hoje, Diário de Aveiro, Universia, Correio do Minho]

Project Develops a Specific Type of Intelligent Surveillance
[Ciência Hoje, Diário dos Açores, Mundo Português]

Pedro Oliveira’s Paper Received the 2nd prize of Best Paper Award Innovation Management 2011
[CiênciaPT, Dinheiro Vivo, Human Online, Canal Up Online, MSN Online]

Alumni of the Partnership Presented a Study about the Cloud Computing Dangers
[Exame Informática]

Priya Narasimhan Leads Intel’s New Center at CMU
[Ciência Hoje Online, Fibra Online, CiênciaPT]

António Cruz Serra, president of the IST/UTL, said “Last year, the Best Student in the Examinations for Admission to the PhD in ECE at CMU was from the IST”
July, 2011
First Edition of the Lisbon Machine Learning School
[CiênciaPT, Ciência Hoje]

Porto City has the Biggest Testbed in Vehicular Networks
[Público Online, Boas Notícias]

Peter Steenkiste said: “The cars on Auto Pilot are no Longer Science Fiction”
June, 2011
Technology Transfer in Motion
[Semana Informática]

Fundraising: Carnegie Mellon Commends
[Oje, Oje Online]

Universities. Race for donations has arrived to Portugal.
[Jornal I]

Alexandre Mateus is the First Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program PhD Graduate
[Diário Económico Universidades]

How Novabase Reinvented the “Made in Portugal”
[Diário de Notícias]

Interfaces Project: Academic Joint Venture Optimizes Software Security
[Semana Informática]
May, 2011
OutSystems Speaks about the Agile Platform and about the connection with the INTERFACES project
March, 2011
The Biggest Project of the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program: Drive-In
[Jornal de Notícias]

Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program Presents 12 New Research Projects
[Aicep Portugal Global, Exame Informática Online]
February, 2011
Drive-IN Project: Technologies for Road Safety
[Diário Económico]

Novabase Academy: The Six Best Trainees Will Visit Carnegie Mellon University
[Human Online]

Facebook: What if we could timely manage the information that we share?
[Jornal I, I Online, Fibra Online]
January, 2011
Innovative Project Examines Privacy Online Habits
[Ciência Hoje Online]

Computers that Talk with People
[Sábado Magazine]

Portuguese Researcher Talks about his Life as a Scientist
[Expresso – Única]

Portugal: 35 per cent of Research is Made in Universities and Similar Higher Education Institutes
[Diário Económico Online]

Access to Broadband had a bad Influence in Students’ Results
[Jornal I, I Online]

Portuguese Researcher Leads Centre in the USA
[Oje, Oje Online]