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Susana Sargento, CMU Portugal Scientific Director, nominated for Inspiring Women Activa Award

Susana Sargento, a researcher at Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT) of Universidade de Aveiro (UA), is one of the nominees for the Inspiring Women Activa Award in the Business category, along with three other Portuguese female candidates.

Credits by Daniel Rocha I Ciência Viva

In 2018, Susana joined the list of eight CMU Portugal Scientific Directors but her connection to the program comes long before that. In March 2012, she co-founded the vehicular networking company Veniam, a CMU Portugal Program startup born as a spin-off Universidade de Aveiro, Porto and Instituto de Telecomunicações. The company works on the development of an Intelligent Networking platform to allow vehicles and other moving objects to exchange large amounts of data between each other and the cloud, towards the creation of an ‘internet of moving things’.

With a PhD in Electrical Engineering from UA (2003), she is currently Professor at the Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics of the same University. In 2016, she won the European Union Women Innovators Award and under the CMU Portugal scope, she led the large-scale project S2Movingcity, a 4-year project launched in 2014 on massive urban sensing of people, vehicles, and environment, supporting data-driven city planning and decision making.

Throughout her career, she has worked very closely with telecom operators, manufacturers and municipal entities being currently responsible for the European project Aveiro STEAM City, for the construction of a multi-technology communication infrastructure in Aveiro to support innovative services in the area of mobility, environment and energy.