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SEMINAR SERIES on ICTs POLICY RESEARCH: Innovations and Upgrades in Virtualized Network Architectures

SEMINAR SERIES on ICTs POLICY RESEARCH: Innovations and Upgrades in Virtualized Network Architectures
Dr. Paul Laskowski

Tuesday, May 4 th 2010 16:30pm
Room V0.15, CMU Classroom, Civil Pavilion, Instituto Superior Técnico

Within today’s network industry, certain markets are renowned for their abundance of innovation (file-sharing networks, social networking applications), while others are more famous for resisting new technologies (land-line telephones, network-layer architecture). In this talk, I will argue that such differences are rooted in the way money flows through the network system. A simple model reveals three representative paths that money can take among users, network providers, and service providers. Using a novel economic theory, the classic model of Cournot competition can be generalized to explore all three market types, and compare them in terms of investment levels.

Applying this theory, I will investigate the contemporary movement to large-scale, “virtualized” testbeds. Faced with the difficulty of making changes to the internet architecture, researchers have recently turned to testbeds as a place to deploy new services. Despite the excitement, uncertainty surrounds the question of how technologies can bridge the gap from testbed to global availability. It is recognized that no amount of validation will spur today’s providers to make architectural changes, so if new services are to reach a widespread audience, the testbed itself must provide that reach. I will therefore analyze two questions: First, would today’s network providers (or a new set of providers) ever support a virtualized architecture on a global scale? Second, even if they did, would such a network, spanning a great many domains, support the adoption of new services or upgrades to the infrastructure?

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Topic: Dr. Paul Laskowski – Innovations and Upgrades in Virtualized Network Architectures
Date: Tuesday, May 4, 2010
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