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Second Edition of CloudViews – Cloud Computing Conference

Second Edition of CloudViews – Cloud Computing Conference
CloudViews 2010 banner

Date: May 20-21, 2010
Place: Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, Portugal

EuroCloud Portugal is very pleased to announce the second edition of CloudViews – Cloud Computing Conference. Having as main discussion subject the Cloud Ecosystem, CloudViews 2010 – Cloud Ecosystem will be a lively discussion and demonstration place of how Cloud Computing is enabling companies with the tools and methodologies that are helping them to optimize investments and to increase IT services. This year, the Carnegie Mellon Portugal program is a partner of this event.

Discussion topics
Cloudviews 2010 – Cloud Computing Conference wants to be a lively discussion with most of its energy focused on the following topics:
Cloud Elasticity
Cloud computing platforms interoperability
Data management
IT departments and cloud computing integration
User perspective – how Internet (the cloud) will become our PC
Encryption and security technologies
Predictability and provision platforms
SLAs monitoring and agreements contracts
Elastic networks
Companies and startup opportunities – how to become a cloud computing provider and how to use cloud computing to add (real) value to business

Who should attend?
Everyone who has responsibilities and cares about IT technologies, namely
IT Administrators
Software Developers and Architects
Chief Information Office (CIO)

Service providers driven by internationalization and partnership projects; and companies that want to affirm themselves through the implementation of IT politics that favor the improvement of the quality of their services and products, allied with innovation, efficient investment and resources utilization, especially
Startup Companies
IT Companies
Service Providers

R&D centers aiming to promote knowledge transfer and IT users, particularly
Users and Service Consumers, including Academic Institutions
Researchers and Academic Developers

Why attend?
Service providers will be able to show how services will be deployed and offered to the clients.R&D centers, researchers and developers will be able to put on display their results and discuss issues and solutions related with Cloud Computing technologies

Companies will have the opportunity to understand how their data is being protected in the Cloud, how they can move from one provider to another, how they will be able to migrate from the current scenario to a Cloud-based one, in a planed and structured way; and most important, how other companies are already taking benefits from Cloud Computing and its Ecosystem.

Users will have the possibility to evaluate the proposed solutions based on their needs and the “simplicity criteria”: complex and unfocused solutions are not Cloud Computing.

For further information on the event, ways to participate, agenda, and speakers’ details, please visit the website at: