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Ricardo Marques Master of Science in Information Technology, Information Security – ICTI: Information & Communication Technologies Institute – Carnegie Mellon University

Ricardo Marques, Master of Science in Information Technology, Information Security (MSIT-IS)
Ricardo Nuno de Pinho Coelho Conde MarquesWhere were you working before you started your program?

Before starting the program in 2007, I was working for Nokia Siemens Networks in Portugal. I am still working there half-time while being enrolled in the program.

What part of the experience has been most valuable/ relevant to your current work?

Learning about the background for subjects that I usually deal with every day, while at the same time understanding new concepts related to new areas of expertise.

What expectations did you have going into the program? Were you surprised?

I expected the program to be very good and cover a lot of subjects. I did not expect it to be so detailed in some areas and, while I did expect some development to be done, I didn’t think it would require so much programming. So I was a bit surprised.

What are some retrospective thoughts on the program? What advice can you give to students currently enrolled or interested in the program?

The program is very interesting and really worth taking if people are interested in the subjects it covers. The best way to tackle it is to dedicate 100% of the time to it, as working on a 50% basis [as I did] will be very tiring. No work should be left to the last days and should be addressed when it comes out. And in the end, just try to have some fun doing it!