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Public Policy and Innovation Dynamics in Network Industries: Annual Meeting

Public Policy and Innovation Dynamics in Network Industries: Annual Meeting
October 11th and 12th 2010
Places: Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (UTL), and Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto (FEUP)

Interdisciplinary research at the intersection of engineering, innovation, management and public policy with application to Network Industries has been a trust area developed in the context of the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program. This annual meeting will provide an overview of the research accomplishments achieved so far in this field. Additionally, it will lay down solid ground for continued collaboration between Portuguese research and education institutions and Carnegie Mellon University on research applied to critical networked infrastructures. Students, post-docs, research fellows and faculty, both from Portuguese Universities and from Carnegie Mellon University, will present ongoing work and discuss results and ideas for future research with a number of companies as well as governmental agencies.

Focus will be given to the following topics: peer-to-peer networks, efficient spectrum management, universal service policy, segmented regulation for telecommunication networks, social analytics and media, architectures for next generation Internet, the impact of network neutrality, the impact of broadband on society, vehicular ad-hoc networks, renewable sources of energy and climate change, sensor networks for atmospheric monitoring, network optimization and smart grids, electric vehicles and energy efficiency. An overview of educational programs and research projects underway involving interdisciplinary teams of Portuguese researchers and Carnegie Mellon University faculty will also be provided.
AGENDA: Monday October 11th – IST, Lisbon
09.30 – Welcome Remarks: Pedro Ferreira, Room V0.15
09.45 – 12.30 Research Challenges in ICTs Policy, Room V0.15.
Presentations by:
Luis Correia, Associate Professor, IST.
Carnegie Mellon Portugal Students: Ram Saruti; Moinul Zaber; Alexandre Mateus; Patrick Agyapong.
Carnegie Mellon Portugal Research Fellows: Pavel Krivitsky; Paul Laskowski; Michael Oraro; Chintan Vaishnav.

09.45 – 12.30 Research Challenges in Energy Policy, Room CC VC, Level -1.
Presentations by:
IST Faculty: João Santana; Marcelino Ferreira; Pedro Carvalho; Jorge Sousa; João Pedro Gomes.
Carnegie Mellon Faculty: Peter Adams (tbc)
Carnegie Mellon Portugal Students: Brandon Mauch; Collen Horin.

18.00 – 19.00 Reception and Keynote Speech on Energy and Climate Change, IST (Room tba)
“The Climate Problem is an Energy Problem: Issues in decarbonizing electricity and transportation”
Professor Granger Morgan, Head, Department of Engineering and Public Policy, CMU

Morgan will begin by briefly recapping why we have a climate problem and why the climate problem is basically an energy problem. Then he will outline options for reducing emissions of CO2 from the electricity system, arguing that no single technology or strategy can achieve this objective – that a portfolio of solutions on both the demand and supply side will be necessary. He will outline what he sees as some of the more pressing research challenges and needs. In the second half of the talk he will discuss the problem of reducing net emissions from transportation. Here much of his focus will be on hybrid, plug hybrid and electric vehicles, along with battery technology. Again he will outline key research challenges and needs. He will conclude with a few broader observations on the challenge of implementing the needed changes.

AGENDA: Tuesday October 12th – FEUP, Porto
09.30 – Welcome Remarks by José Silva Matos, Room B032

09.45 – 10.15 Engineering and Public Policy: Overview by Professor Granger Morgan, CMU

10.30 – 12.15 Research Challenges in ICTs Policy II, Room B032.
Presentations by:
Carnegie Mellon Faculty: Ramayya Krishnan; Marvin Sirbu;
FEUP Faculty: João Barros; Fausto Vieira; Ricardo Morla.

10.45 – 12.30 Research Challenges in Energy Policy II: Room VC 124
Carnegie Mellon Faculty: Granger Morgan
FEUP Faculty: Peças Lopes, Manuel Matos, Vladimiro Miranda

17.00 – 18.30 Reception and Keynote Speech on Complex Social Analytics, FEUP (Room B032)
“Computational Social Analytics: the iLab@Heinz experience”
Professor Ramayya Krishnan, Dean, Heinz College, CMU

The increasing use of digital devices and instrumented networks enables detailed data to be collected about how people live their lives, communicate, collaborate and conduct work. These data provide an unprecedented opportunity to leverage both computation and social science to develop new behavioral theories and to pioneer new privacy-preserving analytic techniques with applications in societal and commercial contexts. Recognizing the inherently inter-disciplinary nature of the effort, the iLab at the Heinz College has convened a group of faculty from around the CMU campus with expertise in social science (sociology and economics), marketing science, optimization, machine learning and statistics and compiled a set of large societal scale data sets in multiple contexts from different nations (e.g., India and Portugal). This talk will discuss some examples of research conducted at the lab and discuss preliminary evidence of what has been accomplished to date.