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Professional Master Students Present their Capstone Projects

Dual Degree Professional Master Students Present their Capstone Projects
Date: December 17th, 2012
Place: Universidade da Madeira, Portugal
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14:15 – 14:30 Official Opening
– Nuno Jardim Nunes, Presidente da Direcção do Madeira-ITI and Presidente do Conselho de Administração do Madeira Tecnopolo
– José Castanheira da Costa, Reitor da Universidade da Madeira *
– Jaime Freitas, Secretário da Educação e Recursos Humanos *
[Room Ursa Maior @ Madeira, Floor -1]
14:30 – 14:55 “Five-Minute Madness”, MET and MHCI students
[Room Ursa Maior @ Madeira]
15:00 – 15:30 Project madeirAlive – MET
Team madeiraAlive is working with Madeira Living Labs‘s client to create a tool to help tourists and locals plan their activities around the weather. Because of its mountainous terrain, Madeira is characterized by microclimates – small pockets of weather patterns. While it is raining on one part of the island, elsewhere may be entirely dry. Our aim is to build a mobile app that will rescue tourists from weather uncertainty, to empower them to make the most of their vacations, and to make “rainy day plans” a thing of the past! Website:
Students involved: Alexander Goldman (EUA), Duarte Teixeira (Portugal), Mara Dionísio (Portugal), Carlos Lucas (Portugal)
[Room Ursa Maior @ Madeira]
15:30 – 16:00

Project Wayla – MET

Project WAYLA aims of innovate entertainment through the use of the Eye Tracker technology. The eye trackers has previously been used mostly for psychology and HCI studies, but we intend to create entertainment that uniquely make use of its capability to make something fun to play with the eyes; something that cannot be replicated with other devices, such as mouse and keyboard. Website:
Students involved: Wein Chang (Canadá), Kushal Ponnam (Índia), Po-an Shen (Taiwan), Helena Barbosa (Portugal)
[Room Ursa Maior @ Madeira]
16:30 – 17:00 Project Uniecho – MHCI
Uniecho is working with Novabase and University of Madeira/M-ITI in order to help Portuguese Universities build an alumni culture. We conducted a massive amount of research to understand multiple stakeholders. This research has helped us unearth our insights and have them grounded. These insights will act as a guide to help us create design ideas to solve the needs of the users and guide our designs throughout the remainder of the capstone.
Students involved: Inês Gonçalves (Portugal), Boram Han (Coreia do Sul), Harper LaFave (EUA), Miguel Pinto (Portugal)
[Room Ursa Maior @ Madeira]
17:00 – 17:30 Project Promethean – MHCI
Assigned researchers in Team Promethean will uncover priorities, attitudes, and improvement opportunities at EDP dispatch centers. The objective is to assess tools and processes of energy distribution in EDP control rooms. Website:
Students involved: Marwa Muhammad (Arábia Saudita), Aditya Gujaran (Índia), Ben Nimmons (EUA), Nelson Alves (Portugal)
[Room Ursa Maior @ Madeira]
17:30 – 18:00 Project Euphorbia – MHCI
The Natural Park of Madeira has partnered with Team Euphorbia to research and discover new ways to reach those groups whose actions currently threaten species in the reserves, in the hopes of influencing them to alter their behavior in favor of environmental best practices. Currently, there are a number of threats to the flora and fauna in the natural reserves. The task for Team Euphorbia was to investigate these threats in order to develop ways of creating awareness in hopes of changing people’s behavior and combatting these issues.
Students involved: Júlia Silva (Portugal), Ana Alves (Portugal), Kara Rennert (EUA), Salim Batlouni (Líbia)
[Room Ursa Maior @ Madeira]
18:00 – 18:30

Madeira D’Honra, Poster & Demo session
Room Ursa Menor @ Madeira

* To be confirmed