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Dual degree professional master program alumnus, Nuno Loureiro, is the CEO of, a recent startup that is already a promising case in the Portuguese entrepreneurial landscape. It was one of the 66 selected startups in the Road2WebSummit competition, also won the 2016 Lisbon Challenge and participated in Caixa Empreender. Their technology, with the same name, probes and tests apps for security flaws.

The Portuguese online daily news website Observador interviewed Nuno Loureiro, for an in-depth view of the startup’s story so far and their plans to scale globally soon: “It will be released globally. is a product that is in the cloud, the way the customer initiates the relationship with us is simple because it is done on the web. No customer integration is required. We are not looking at the Portuguese market, that is, we will knock on the door of many Portuguese companies, but from day zero we are thinking about this on a global scale.”

Read the Portuguese article at Observador (December 27, 2016)