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Philippo Cagnetti: Post-Doc in Mathematics Department

Philipo Cagnetti: Post-Doc in Mathematics Department

Philippo Cagnetti What project are you developing?
I am a Post-Doc in the Mathematics Department under the supervision of Irene Fonseca and Giovanni Leoni. At the moment I am working on lower semi continuity of higher order functionals. This will be useful in treating rigorously several mathematical models that have been introduced by physicists and engineers.
_________ “I hope I will become both a good researcher and a good professor and that I will wake up every day happy to go to work!”

How has your experience been so far?
Amazing, in many ways. The academic side of my time here has been what I expected it to be: I had the opportunity to work with extremely talented people and I found my mentors both kind and helpful. This has made every working day very pleasant.

When will you go to Portugal?
My time in Portugal officially begins on September 1st, but I am spending the month of July in Lisbon, both to start my work with Diogo Gomes at the Instituto Superior Técnico and to attend some conferences. This means no rest during the summer!