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OUTSYSTEMS is now one of CMU Portugal Program affiliated partners

The Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program is proud to announce the establishment of a new industrial collaboration with Outsystems, a Portuguese ICT company, that now joins the list of the Program´s  industrial Affiliated partners. The CMU Portugal Program entered a 3rd phase in 2018 and signed cooperation agreements with 12 major industrial affiliates, now a total of 13 with this brand new partnership.

Outsystems is since 2018 one of the three Portuguese unicorn companies, a success founded on the development and commercialization of a platform for low-code application development that lets users visually develop their entire application, easily integrate it with existing systems, and add own custom code when needed. This platform simplifies the process of app development and deployment across Android, Windows Phone, iOS and Web and helps users building apps in a visual way, without having to learn how to code.

The Portugal-based company was founded in 2001 in Lisbon by current CEO and entrepreneur Paul Rosado, and has expanded to Atlanta and London. Last year the tech company raised $360 million in an investment round from KKR and Goldman Sachs and has over 400 clients including Toyota, Logitech, Deloitte, and GM Financial.

The Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program is highly committed to strengthen bonds with Portuguese industry and actively contribute to advanced education, research and innovation activities in a close relationship with its affiliated partners, which includes :

AlticeAccentureCEiiAFarfetchFeedzaiNOSTalkdeskTekeverThalesUnbabelUniplacesVeniam and now Outsystems.