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Novabase, Other Portugal IT Firms Offer MSE Scholarships, Job Placement – ICTI: Information & Communication Technologies Institute – Carnegie Mellon University

Scholarships Available for Master of Software Engineering Students with Guaranteed Jobs at Major Portuguese IT Firms Portuguese IT Corporations Invest In MSE Program, Students’ Futures
Novabase and seven other European IT firms are offering full scholarships and jobs upon graduation to qualified students in Carnegie Mellon University’s Master of Software Engineering program, one of the programs in the university’s Information and Communication Technologies Institute (ICTI) Portugal partnership program.

Novbase ad for MSE program recruitment

Novabase’s recent ad in Expresso for the MSE scholarship program

Students in the MSE program through ICTI study at Carnegie Mellon’s main Pittsburgh campus and at the University of Coimbra in Portugal, receiving masters degrees from both institutions.

José M. F. Moura, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and director of the ICTI program at Carnegie Mellon noted, “A key goal for the Carnegie Mellon|Portugal program is to build strategic educational and research relationships among our university and industry partners. We welcome the strong interest that Portugal Telecom, Novabase, and other IT companies show in our Master of Software Engineering program. These efforts recognize the MSE program’s exceptional caliber and the potential impact it will have in the broader software engineering industry in Portugal.”

João Silva, Professor of Informatics Engineering and head of the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Coimbra in Portugal, comments “This is an enormous boost to the program, with Novabase recognizing that the MSE graduates can have a decisive influence on the Portuguese IT sector. Other companies have declared to support the program in a similar way, such that every successful applicant of the program can now enjoy the same level of support.” Paulo Marques, MSE Program Coordinator at the University of Coimbra, adds, “It is very rewarding to see this level of support and commitment from our corporate partners, and their overall high confidence in the MSE program’s curriculum.”

The scholarships, which are available to up to fifteen students, cover both the costs of tuition and up to €15,000 to cover living expenses for the 16-month program. Along with Novabase, the other companies participating in this initiative are Telbit, Critical Software, ISA, Wit Software, Edisoft, Portugal Telecom, and Enabler Wipro. Interested students should apply through the MSE Portugal website.

Once students are accepted into the MSE program, part of the matriculation process is to see if the student needs financial assistance. Students needing assistance are then put in contact with one of the eight companies listed above who will work with the students to make the financial and career arrangements. While Novabase and the other companies are in Portugal, being fluent in Portuguese is not a requirement for employment.

The Portuguese network station RTV (Radio E Televisão de Portugal) presented a news segment on the Novabase initiative, featuring João Silva and the Coimbra MSE students and facilities.
View the second Novabase advertisement for the MSE program (JPG, ~504K)
View the complete Expresso news story (in Portuguese) (PDF, 220K)
Download the news segment (WMV, ~12.5Mb)

For more information about the program and grants, click to the MSE program’s website at the University of Coimbra.