New European Bauhaus (NEB): Portugal leads one of the six lighthouse projects

Bauhaus of the Sea Sails is one of the six projects selected under the call for the development of ‘lighthouse demonstrators‘ of the New European Bauhaus (NEB).

The project, that counts on CMU Portugal’s institutional support, was awarded approximately €5 million by the European Commission. Scientists, Artists, Architects and Local Communities will work together to pursue the broad Vision of the New Bauhaus of the Seas, an initiative led by CMU Portugal National Codirector Nuno Nunes to demonstrate and archive solutions for climate neutrality with a particular focus on coastal cities as an interface to healthy seas, ocean and water bodies. With a network of 18 organizations across six European countries, the Project will be led Instituto Superior Técnico in Portugal.

CMU Portugal joined the Bauhaus of the Seas discussion at the international conferences in Lisbon and Venice in 2021.

The choice of the ocean as the heart of the project is related to its ecological impact and housing relevance – the oceans capture a third of CO2 emissions and coastal areas are home to 41% of the European population. “The oceans currently face several challenges such as plastic pollution, reduced fish stocks or rising sea levels. With this project, we want to promote an interdisciplinarity ecosystem between designers, architects, engineers, artists, managers and scientists with the vision of creating sustainable design solutions to solve environmental problems in coastal areas”,  says the project coordinator Nuno Jardim Nunes, Full Professor at Técnico and head of ITI, one of the participant institutions.

The lighthouse demonstrators will exhibit artistic projects focused on the oceans, taking them from a cultural, artistic and closed circle to the streets, neighborhoods and close to the community. “This project will create opportunities for interaction with communities to achieve an environmentally sustainable, socially fair and appealingly transition”, adds the project lead.

In Lisbon and Oeiras, the project will be based in the future “Hub do Mar”, in Pedrouços, where various demonstration activities related to the blue economy will be developed, but also to ocean literacy, sustainable food and solutions to mitigate and adapt to rising sea levels.

The projects will contribute with innovative ideas and solutions within two years, helping to point the way forward for other NEB actions. The NEB Program, which funds the six selected projects, aims at creating more sustainable, inclusive, and beautiful spaces in locations across the EU and involving citizens in the green transition at the local level. Its goal is to grow movements that contribute to achieving the goals of the European Ecological Pact (Green Deal) with a focus on sustainability and social inclusion.

The Bauhaus of the Sea Sails is expected to start in early 2023.

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In the Media: Público, Diário de Notícias da Madeira