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More than 100 participants joined the CMU Portugal Dual Degree Ph.D online Info Session

The CMU Portugal online Info Session “How to apply for a CMU Portugal Dual-Degree Ph.D. Scholarships” was a meeting point for future candidates to learn more about the application process and discuss any potential questions and concerns. The event’s objective was successfully achieved with a total of 104 participants from all over the globe.

The session has started with a presentation by João Fumega, CMU Portugal Education Officer, who went through the main requirements to apply to the currently open call for up to 12 scholarships under CMU Portugal Program in 7 different Ph.D. programs. Further information is available here.

Dorian Rosca, Advisor and Program Officer at Fulbright Portugal, spoke about the overall application process to American Universities and the Pathway to Graduate School Program designed to help highly motivated and talented students submit competitive applications to graduate programs in the U.S. (

From Carnegie Mellon University, Jenn Landefeld (Marketing and Communications Manager at the Computer Science Department) and Jessica Tomko (Assistant Director of Admissions, Electrical and Computer Engineering), gave a perspective on how the application process proceeds at the Carnegie Mellon University. Both focus on the specificities of the requirements by their respective departments that offer joint Ph.D. degrees with Portuguese Universities under the scope of CMU Portugal.  Specific information about the requirements, application processes, and guidelines for each Ph.D., is availale here 

At the end of the session, there was still time for Q&A. The lively session was full of many relevant questions about the application process. CMU Portugal FAQs are published here ( , and will soon be updated with information gathered through this session.

For more information and doubts about the PhDs please feel free to contact the CMU Portugal program at