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MAP-i Spring School on Logic of Dynamical Systems

MAP-i Spring School on Logic of Dynamical Systems
Date: 24-28 March, 2014
Place: Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal

Registration: by email to until 14th March. Attendance is free but registration is mandatory.

This course studies the logic of dynamical systems, that is, logics and proof principles for properties of dynamical systems. Dynamical systems are mathematical models describing how the state of a system evolves over time. They are important in modeling and understanding many applications, including embedded systems and cyber-physical systems combining cyber effects with physical effects.

This course, coordinated by Prof. André Platzer from Carnegie Mellon University, explores the theory, practice, and applications of the family of differential dynamic logics, which includes logics for hybrid systems and extensions to distributed hybrid systems and hybrid games. It explains dynamical system models, logics of dynamical systems, their semantics, and their axiomatization for proving logical formulas about dynamical systems.

The course is part of the MAP-i Thematic Seminar, but open to post-grad students and researchers from the MAP Universities and Research Units.

All participants are required to attend all lectures and lab sessions along the whole week (PDF). They are also supposed to previously install the course tools — KEYMAERA and MATHEMATICA — on their laptops (PDF).

MAP-I is fully integrated in the initiative CMU-Portugal Doctoral Programs in Computer Science / Informatics, a collaborative framework for the dual degree PhD Programme in Computer Science envisioned in the recent CMU-Portugal Agreement implemented through ICTI – Information and Communication Technologies Institute.