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Manuela Veloso Interviewed by Rádio Renascença

Manuela Veloso Interviewed by Rádio Renascença
Manuela Veloso, well-known Portuguese researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, was recently in Portugal to speak at the Conference “Brave New World: Did the Future Arrive Too Early?”, held in Porto, Portugal. The Portuguese radio station Rádio Renascença interviewed Manuela Veloso, where she talks about her research work, CoBots and her perspective of the role robots can have in the future.

The CMU researcher, defends that robots are not necessarily dangerous on their own and that “technology will be developed in parallel with humanity.” She is the leader of the CORAL research group at CMU that created the CoBot robots, intelligent mobile robots capable of robustly performing service tasks and interacting with humans in our indoor environments. Manuela Veloso is deeply involved in the CMU Portugal Program, as co-principal investigator of INSIDE, as well as advisor of dual degree Ph.D. students.

Read the interview and watch the video segment in Portuguese on Rádio Renascença here (June 12, 2015)

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