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Mahmoud Tavakoli and Manuel Carneiro secure second place in the business idea competition ArriscaC

On May 22nd, CMU Portugal Ph.D. student Manuel Carneiro and his Ph.D. supervisor Mahmoud Tavakoli and CMU Portugal researcher at FCTUC I Universidade de Coimbra, won 2nd place in the Sustainability category of the 12th edition of ArriscaC, a business idea competition promoted by Universidade de Coimbra. 

The awarded idea, GreenTag, is based on their published work on  conductive ink and bio stickers

GreenTag is a pioneer in the integration of advanced sensors (temperature, moisture, movement, location), low-time energy communications (Ble and NFC) and recyclable flexible circuit technology in conventional product labels in various industries. With a commitment to environmental sustainability, it uses the first water-based conductive paint that is totally recyclable and reusable through scalable and sustainable methods, contributing to a circular economy and minimizing electronic waste.

GreenTag exceeds traditional functions such as displaying basic product information and expiration dates. It offers real-time data for inventory management, product location and product dynamic information on smart shelves.

In addition to €1000 prize money to implement their business idea, the team also received 6 months of virtual incubation and mentoring by Instituto Pedro Nunes, an additional 6 months period of physical or virtual incubation at Startup Leiria; and support in the development of an Intellectual Property strategy by Patentree.

Manuel Carneiro shares how honored he is with this distinction “This award recognizes not only the quality of our scientific work but also the potential of our smart labels to reach the market and make a real impact in people’s lives. It feels great to have well-established entities like Instituto Pedro Nunes believe in the promise of our work and support us in the next steps to move science out of the lab”.