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Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute WEEK
Date: May 19-23, 2014
Venue: M-ITI, -2 floor

The ‘ M- ITI WEEK ‘ intends to celebrate all the work carried out by researchers and students during the semester. Exhibitions , demonstrations, presentations , lectures and interactive games are expected to arouse general curiosity, especially for the most emerging technologies . From May 19 to 23, M-ITI will hold an Exhibition of some of the Projects created in the Interaction Design Studio Class, as well as other classes.

On May 20, Filipe Quintal and Andrea di Nardo will present their work @m-iti’s classroom, and following that M-ITI will have the Interaction Design Studio Projects presentation in partnership with Associação de Surf da Região Autónoma da Madeira.

On May 21, M-ITI will hold the CAPSTONE PROJECTS PRESENTATION, with the MHCI teams: Spark + WOW!Systems . Frontier + OUTSystems, and MET teams: FuseBox + Museu Casa da Luz . Crewcial + ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal – presenting their work, resulting from these partnerships.
May 19-23 @ M-ITI Hallway

Posters and videos exhibition from different projects

May 20 @ M-ITI ClassRoom

15h00 – 15h40 – Talks
15h00 – Touchcloud Project – physical representation for data in the cloud
15h20 – Aquamusa Project – stories mapping system to define the identity of a territory
16:00 – Presentation of the Interaction Design Studio Projects (in partnership with ASRAM -Associação de Surf da Região Autónoma da Madeira)

May 21 @ M-ITI ClassRoom

14h30 – Official Opening
Nuno Nunes, President of M-ITI
José Carmo, Rector of Universidade da Madeira
Jaime Freitas, Secretário Regional da Educação
14h45 – 14h55 – ‘2 minutes madness’
Team Spark
Team Frontier
Team Fusebox ( )
Team Crewcial (

15h00 – MHCI Capstone Projects // Presentations

Team Spark – in partnership with WOW!Systems
Team Frontier – in partnership with OutSystems

15h40 – 16h10 Coffee Break @ M-ITI garden

16h10 – 16h50 – MET Capstone Projects // Presentations

Team Fusebox – in partnership with Museu Casa da Luz
Team Crewcial – in partnership with ANA (Aeroportos de Portugal)

16h50 – 17h10 MET Project Demos @ M-ITI hallway

17h10 – 18h00 Madeira d’Honra @ M-iti garden (wine tasting)


The Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (Madeira-ITI) is a not-for-profit innovation institute of the Universidade da Madeira, founded by the Universidade da Madeira Madeira Tecnopolo, and Carnegie Mellon University. The institute was created in December 2009, in the scope of the CMU Portugal Program, in order to provide a home for the many collaborations between these partners, in both research and education. The work of the institute mainly concentrates on innovation in the areas of computer science and human-computer interaction.