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João Barros Talks about New Horizons at Information and Communication Technologies

National Director of Carnegie Mellon | Portugal Partnership Talks about “New Horizons at Information and Communication Technologies”
João Barros, national director of the Carnegie Mellon |Portugal Partnership, will attend the IV Ibero-American Meeting about the Goals of the Millennium from United Nations and the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), held in Lisbon, Portugal, between November 3 rd and 4 th 2009.

This event is organized by the Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC) from the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Higher Education in Portugal, the Secretary General Ibero-American (SEGIB), and the Ibero-American Association for Research Laboratories and Telecommunication Companies (AHCIET).

The National Director of the Carnegie Mellon|Portugal Partnership will give a speech about the “New Horizons at Information and Communication Technologies”, in a plenary session which focus on “Analysis of the Actual Situation, and the future tendencies in ICT”.

The main goal of this Ibero-American Meeting is to do the analysis of the policies that are being held to stimulate innovation and research in the ICT areas, involving the public and private sectors: public administration, universities, scientific institutions, companies, and Non-governmental organizations in the ICT areas.

In this event, the themes will be: “Collaborative and Interactive Web – The Changes in the Society”; “The ICT versus the Energetic Efficiency and Sustainability – Smart Grids”, “Companies Development in the ICT areas”, “Stimulate the Ibero-American Digital Ecosystem”, and “e-Science and e-innovation”.

The final conclusions and recommendations of this event, will be placed in a document that will be discussed in the preparation of the XIX Ibero-American Summit Conference of the Head of State and the Government, this year dedicated to “Innovation and Knowledge”, that will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, between November 30 and December 1, 2009.

For more information visit the websites: UMIC – – or AHCIET – .