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inRes 2017 WESENSS Team Presents their Technology with Firefighters

inRes 2017 WESENSS Team Presents their Technology with Firefighters
A team of researchers has developed a system that monitors vital signs of firefighters, helping to increase their safety in dangerous scenarios. The technology, which was presented on August 31 at the Fire Brigade of Albergaria-a-Velha, is based on two sensors worn by the firefighter to monitor vital signs, stress levels and fatigue, among others, in real time.

This technology is the result of the Entrepreneurial Research Initiative “VR2Market: Towards a Mobile Wearable Health Surveillance Monitoring Product for First Response and other Hazardous Professions” developed in the scope of the CMU Portugal Program, with the participation of Carnegie Mellon University, INESC TEC, Institute of Telecommunications and the University of Aveiro.

The research project is now spinning off into a startup. Their WESENSS entrepreneurial team is participating in the 2017 edition of inRes, the very early stage acceleration program, and is expected to travel to the United States in September, where they will stay for six weeks, in an immersion period at Carnegie Mellon University’s Pittsburgh campus, making contacts to develop their business idea.

Watch the television news coverage at RTP 3 (starts at 26:46, part 2) (September 1, 2017) and read the articles in Portuguese at Diário de Aveiro, (August 30, 2017) Público Online, Diário de Notícias Online, RTP Online, Porto Canal Online, TSF Online, Notícias ao Minuto Online, Sapo Online, O Jogo Online, Notícias de Aveiro Online (August 31, 2017) Jornal de Notícias (PDF version) (September 1, 2017)