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inRes 2015 :: Scraim Gets a €50k Investment From Caixa Capital

inRes 2015:: Scraim Scraim Gets a €50k Investment From Caixa Capital

2015 inRes Scraim Caixa Capital Prize
[left-right] Stephan Morais (Caixa Capital) with César Duarte and Pedro Castro Henriques (Scraim)
During the Closing Session of the 2015 Edition of inRes, held on December 11th, Caixa Capital announced that Scraim would receive a €50k investment. Led by Pedro Castro Henriques and César Duarte, Scraim is an online service for project management based on adaptable processes, to help standardize best practices, revolutionizing the implementation of international certifications.

“This award is a recognition of the strong work we have dedicated to Scraim, and to our participation on the inRes 2015, promoted by the CMU Portugal Program,” said César Duarte and Pedro Castro Henriques, co-founders of Scraim. During the inRes experience, the Scraim team has had the opportunity to participate in four workshops in Portugal, and to be seven weeks in the United States (US). “inRes gave us the opportunity to get to know the US market, and to validate our product and business model,” explains Pedro Castro Henriques. According with the Scraim team, the €50k will help the team to return to Pittsburgh to get two more pilots running. The team agrees that “this is one more step for the long-run Scraim has to do to became a global player on this area.”

December 2015