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inRes 2015: Sceelix Launches Campaign on Steam

inRes 2015: Sceelix
Sceelix Launches Campaign on Steam

inRes 2015 Sceelix on Steam After an intensive experience at inRes, which involved training in Portugal and an immersion in the US, the “Sceelix – Create and Manage your 3D Scenes Smartly” team launched a steam (entertainment platform) campaign. Francisco Rebello Andrade and Pedro Silva, its co-founders, think this is will be an excellent opportunity for Sceelix.

Sceelix is a software that allows you to create complete and unique 3D scenes, with terrains, vegetation, cities and other elements, in an efficient and manageable way. Through a powerful procedural engine and an intuitive visual node-based editor, all and any kind of scene elements, from 3D models and textures to game physics and behaviors, can be automatically generated using visual creation rules.

December 2015