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inRes 2015 Playsketch: “Imagine, Draw and Play”

inRes 2015: Playsktech Playsketch: “Imagine, Draw and Play”
Pedro Machado Santa and Luís Lucas Pereira, co-founders of Playsktech, gave an interview to the Portuguese magazine Exame Informática (printed version in pdf, published on Jan 1, 2016) about their innovative startup. Playsketch is a solution that makes use of drawings on paper as an easy and natural way to create games. Using a mobile application, everyone will be able to draw a game on paper, take a photo of the drawing, and have it translated to a playable game for you and your friends to enjoy.

With the participation on the 2015 edition of inRes, promoted by the CMU Portugal Program, the Playsketch team had the opportunity to showcase its technology at the 1st Maker Faire held in Pittsburgh (US).

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