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inRes 2015: CMU Portugal Program Announces the 4 Teams for the 2015 Edition of inRes

inRes 2015
What are the Expectations of the Teams?
Adapttech, Playsketch, Sceelix, and Scraim, are the four teams selected for the 2015 edition of inRes, offered by the CMU Portugal Program, funded by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia.

inRes 2015 Frederico Carpinteiro adapttech inRes 2015 Mario Espinoza adapttech

“At Adapttech we expect to improve our business development and to receive as many ideas, comments and suggestions as possible from people with great amount of experience, from different backgrounds and with different points of view. In order to guide our company towards its full potential, we hope get in contact with possible investors and customers; but above all, we hope to learn a lot from both our lecturers and mentors and all other teams that will be joining us during this process.” Frederico Abreu Carpinteiro (CEO) and Mario Sáenz Espinoza (CTO), from Adapttech.

“Having a good background in engineering and in design areas related to games and experience, we think inRes 2015 will be instrumental to develop our managerial skills and strengthen us with tools to build and develop our business in a more solid, sustainable way. Also, by putting us in contact with one of the major markets for mobile technology and games will definitely help us move our business to other levels.” Pedro Machado Santa (Co-founder) and Luís Lucas Pereira (Co-founder), from Playsketch. inRes 2015 Pedro Santa Playsketch inRes 2015 Luís Pereira Playsketch
inRes 2015 Francisco Andrade sCeelix inRes 2015 Pedro B Silva sCeelix “Given Carnegie Mellon’s reputation and results in the fields of Computer Engineering and the creation of ICT startups, the CMU Portugal inRes program offers the best way to strengthen and validate our project. This program also allows us to have an immersive experience in an enabling American culture, and in that which we consider to be our main market: the United States of America. Associating ourselves to the name of Carnegie Mellon will open us doors and opportunities that we otherwise would not be able to open.” Francisco Rebello de Andrade (General Manager) and Pedro Brandão da Silva (Development Manager), from Sceelix.
“Scraim aims high and global, and we are certain that 2015 inRes program is the right choice to help us get there. We’ll be exposed to environment that will make us stronger and more focused on the evolution of Scraim with the ultimate goal of making it a global service.” Pedro Castro Henriques (CEO) and César Barbosa Duarte (CPO), from Scraim. inRes 2015 Pedro Castro Henriques SCRAIM inRes 2015 César Duare SCRAIM

inRes 2015: CMU Portugal Announces the Four inRes 2015 Teams more

inRes 2015
Launched in 2014 by the CMU Portugal Program, funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (Portuguese funding agency), inRes is an intense and challenging program that requires a great deal of commitment from the teams, but at the same time an extremely rewarding experience that allows participants to validate and develop their projects in the future, as they get to contact with partners such as Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Caixa Capital, Pittsburgh Regional Alliance (PRA), UTEN Portugal, and INESC TEC.