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inRes 2015: CMU Portugal Announces the Four inRes 2015 Teams

inRes 2015
CMU Portugal Announces the Four inRes 2015 Teams
Adapttech, Playsketch, Sceelix, and Scraim, are the four teams selected for the 2015 edition of inRes, offered by the CMU Portugal Program, funded by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia. “The review process was highly selective and the caliber of the applications to this call was especially high,” said the international review panel.

inRes 2015 Teams
Left to right: Mario Sáenz Espinoza (CTO, Adapttech), Frederico Abreu Carpinteiro (CEO, Adapttech), Pedro Castro Henriques (CEO, Scraim), Luís Lucas Pereira (Co-founder, Playsketch), Pedro Machado Santa (Co-founder, Playsketch), Pedro Brandão da Silva (Development Manager, Sceelix) and Francisco Rebello de Andrade (General Manager, Sceelix).

The four selected teams, three from Porto and one from Coimbra, will benefit from a preparation phase in Portugal, followed by a seven-week structured immersion period in Pittsburgh, in the U.S., anchored at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). (information about the preliminary sctructure and schedule is available here)

João Claro and José M.F. Moura, directors of the CMU Portugal in Portugal and at CMU, respectively, emphazised “inRes is specific for teams that have already proven technical feasibility, had interaction with the target industry, but have not yet reached regular sales,” adding that “these four teams are the ones that the review panel considered to be on this sweet spot.”

The four inRes 2015 teams are:

inRes 2015 adapttech logo Adapttech (; Porto):
Adapttech’s product consists in a smart fitting solution for prosthesis; capable of identifying localized problems within the stump-socket interface, evaluate the level of adaptation and suggest the needed modifications to maximize it. This product aims to reduce the number of replacements needed to reach a patient’s final socket, and thus, saving time and money. The inRes 2015 team is composed by Frederico Abreu Carpinteiro (CEO) and Mario Sáenz Espinoza (CTO).
New_logo_playsketch Playsketch (; Coimbra):
Playsketch is a solution that makes use of drawings on paper as an easy and natural way to create games. Using a mobile application, everyone will be able to draw a game on paper, take a photo of the drawing, and have it translated to a playable game for you and your friends to enjoy. The inRes 2015 is composed by Luís Lucas Pereira (Co-founder) and Pedro Machado Santa (Co-founder).
inRes 2015 sCeelix logo Sceelix (; Porto):

Sceelix is a software that allows you to create complex 3D scenes with all its elements – Geometry, Lights, Textures, Interactions and so on – in a smart and efficient way. Sceelix can create real or fictitious scenes by taking advantage of identifiable creation patterns and/or available geographical data, adding some randomness when, and if, appropriate. This allows you, for instance, to create massive forests with no tree the same as the next, or mega cities with unique styles. The inRes 2015 team is composed by Francisco Rebello de Andrade (General Manager) and Pedro Brandão da Silva (Development Manager).

SCRAIM logo Scraim (, Porto):

Scraim is an online service for project management based on adaptable processes, to help standardise best practices, revolutionising the implementation of international certifications making them affordable for small/medium companies. It is a complete and easy Multiplatform SaaS, based on the most advanced methodologies. The inRes 2015 team is composed by Pedro Castro Henriques (CEO) and César Barbosa Duarte (CPO).

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inRes 2015
Launched in 2014 by the CMU Portugal Program, funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (Portuguese funding agency), inRes is an intense and challenging program that requires a great deal of commitment from the teams, but at the same time an extremely rewarding experience that allows participants to validate and develop their projects in the future, as they get to contact with partners such as Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Caixa Capital, Pittsburgh Regional Alliance (PRA), UTEN Portugal, and INESC TEC.

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