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inRes 2014 Startup Followprice: Article written by Vasco Borges Moreira

inRes 2014 Startup Followprice

Article written by Vasco Borges Moreira
“We are four friends with a background in engineering who believe we can do something different and that, therefore, decided to follow an entrepreneurial adventure after we graduated. (…) It is with this thought that started our history, at a companies incubator, in Taguspark, where they work with adCaffe and Solidcalc. Our office neighbor, João Leitão, invited us to a new project that became Followprice. Among several programs which we competed on, CMU Portugal – Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program – gave us the chance to enter the inRes acceleration program, which proved to be very important given all the dynamics, and all the events that promotes in North America, where business can bloom at any corner.”

Read the full article at Buzzmedia Online (December 30, 2014).