INESC TEC Health Open Day

Technology Exhibition: INESC TEC Health Open Day

Date : January 23, 2014

Hour: 14h00

Venue: INESC Porto, Portugal

Several researchers of the CMU Portugal, affiliated with INESC Porto, will participate in the 2014 INESC TEC Health Open Day, an exhibition of different skills and outcomes from R&D projects. Its goal is to showcase innovative technology and the best scientific practices that can be applied in the health sector.

Dozens of researchers from different INESC TEC R&D units, specializing in Biomedical Engineering, Information Systems, Robotics, Optoelectronics, Electronic Systems, Telecommunications, Multimedia, Advanced Computer Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Decision Support, Industrial Engineering, among others, will be participating in this exhibition.

Other than an opportunity to identify synergies and establish future partnerships, this event is also a moment to create new ideas and useful concepts for health service providers, companies in the sector, research centers, researchers and policy-makers. The demonstration will take place on January 23, between 14h00 and 18h30, in the two auditoriums of INESC TEC’s building (campus of the Faculdade de Engenharia of the Universidade do Porto), in Porto.