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Inês Lynce participated at IDWGIS celebrations promoted by Ciência Viva

As a Women in Science, female researchers can serve as important role models and contribute to attracting and inspiring other young women to this field. Inês Lynce, CMU Portugal Program National Director and currently President at INESC ID, is a computer scientist highly recognized for her work in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Under an invitation by Ciência Viva to celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (IDWGIS), she was part on February 11th at Pavilhão do Conhecimento of the Roundtable “Pergunta-me o que é ser cientista” (Ask me what it means to be a scientist), where female researchers and university students from different areas of science shared ideas on what it means to be a “woman in science” in each one of their fields.

According to Inês, “It was a great Roundtable. To have two college students as part of the discussion gave a great perspective on the importance of having female role models to follow in academia, research, or in leading positions in Companies. Women are stronger than they know, but it is easier to believe in that if we see and feel we are not alone.” 

As a Computer Scientist and a mother of two young girls, she considers this kind  of activities “essential to share experiences with a new generation of students but also with their parents. Initiatives like this, addressed to families, are crucial because parents or guardians have a huge impact on what children choose to be, and their support is essential to follow their dreams.”

The IDWGIS at Pavilhão do Conhecimento was entirely dedicated to promoting activities to encourage and promote access for all girls and women to training and education in the field of science, allowing young visitors  to be part of scientific experiences or even participate in a quiz about Women who changed the world. 

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