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Inês Lynce is one of the female scientists featured in the book “Mulheres na Ciência” to celebrate the 2021 International Women’s Day

To celebrate the 2021 International Women’s Day, Ciência Viva launched the third edition of the book “Mulheres na Ciência” (“Women in Science”) with photos of 101 Portuguese female scientists.

Like the previous ones, this edition invited researchers from different areas of knowledge – from health and natural sciences to technologies, engineering and social sciences – living in different parts of the country and abroad.

This book is being published in a year of pandemic, which turns this initiative even more relevant in showing that “knowledge has no frontiers and, more than ever, is at the service of the common good.”

Inês Lynce, CMU Portugal National Codirector, is one of the scientists featuring in this edition:

“This initiative is a recognition of the research being done by Portuguese female scientists and an opportunity to attract talented girls to this exciting field. It is rewarding and certainly motivates us all to go even further. To be part of the solution is what challenges me the most and Artificial Intelligence was a way to add creativity and innovation to my scientific background. 101 female scientists of all research fields were chosen to be included in this book and I firmly believe that we all share a common purpose, which is to make science a pathway to reach new breakthroughs and broaden our horizons.”

Translation: Solving problems is a fascinating challenge for me. I found in computer engineering a powerful and automatic approach to solving problems. Artificial intelligence added a creative and scientific way to allow machines to act rationally. The research allowed me  to expand into new horizons. Teaching and super visioning students gave me the unique possibility of enhancing the youngest’s potential and talent.


Here are some of the Women involved with the CMU Portugal program that participated in previous editions:

Susana Sargento – CMU Portugal Scientific Director and Faculty Member & Researcher
Manuela Veloso – CMU Portugal Faculty member & Researcher
Isabel Trancoso – CMU Portugal Faculty member & Researcher
Isabel RibeiroCMU Portugal Researcher