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Happy New Year: Wishes for 2017 in Portugal

Happy New Year: Wishes for 2017 in Portugal
According to one Portuguese new year’s eve tradition, one must eat twelve raisins at the stroke of midnight, each one while thinking of a wish for the new year. In this spirit, the Portuguese online economic publication, ECO, challenged twelve Portuguese figures, among managers, entrepreneurs and politicians, to share their wishes for 2017.

The article features Carnegie Mellon University Professor, Machine Learning Department Head and Carnegie Mellon Portugal Principal Investigator Manuela Veloso, that shares her concern in investing “in education and research, so that knowledge increases, so that joy increases and people feel more fulfilled.”

Former National Director of the Carnegie Mellon Portugal partnership and co-founder and CEO of Veniam, João Barros, talks about a more pressing concern, the communities’ active engagement in political projects to “overcome the current impasses and conflicts and solve the central issues of our time: global warming and social inequality. ”

Director of the Nova School of Business and Economics, Daniel Traça, wishes for economic growth for the country. The leader of the Nova School, a Carnegie Mellon Portugal partner university, hopes “that we will find a way to boost Portugal’s economic growth in the short term and that this short-term growth has a formula that will make it sustainable and that will generate a decade of growth in Portugal.”

Read the Portuguese article at ECO (January 1, 2017)