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FEP Jorge Coelho is published twice on Polymer Chemistry journal

Faculty Exchange Program :: Jorge Coelho
FEP Jorge Coelho is published twice on Polymer Chemistry journal

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CMU Portugal Faculty Exchange Program Professor Jorge Coelho co-authored two articles published on Polymer Chemistry, one of the best in its field.

The Faculty Exchange Program Professor Jorge Coelho has co-authored two papers with a Carnegie Mellon University research team and both made Cover and Inside Cover of different issues of the Polymer Chemistry journal, in January and November, 2017. This collaboration among researchers of the two institutions came as a result of Professor Coelho’s participation in the Faculty Exchange Program (FEP).

Jorge Coelho was one of the 2016 participants in FEP, from April to August 2016, and was hosted by Professor Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, a J.C. Warner University Professor of Natural Sciences at the Carnegie Mellon University’s Department of Chemistry.

The paper “Aqueous SARA ATRP using inorganic sulphites” was selected for the journal’s Cover of the January 14, 2017 edition and the paper “Mechanism of supplemental activator and reducing agent atom transfer radical polymerization mediated by inorganic sulphites: experimental measurements and kinetic simulations” is featured in the Inside Cover page of November 14, 2017.

The Polymer Chemistry journal is one of the most reputable publications in the field of Polymer Sciences. When contacted by CMU Portugal on these achievements, Professor Coelho mentions the strong collaborative component of his FEP participation and shares the distinction with the research team. On the selection for the journal’s cover, he comments on the relevance of the work for his area of study: “The highlight of our work in the cover of the journal of Polymer Chemistry could be related to the importance of the described method to afford well-defined protein-polymer hybrids.”

When asked to comment on the technical advancements described in the papers, Jorge Coelho explains that, “this contribution describes a very efficient method that allows the synthesis of well-defined protein-polymer hybrids in aqueous media under biologically relevant conditions.” The scholar highlights how having access to specific resources facilitated these research results: “The work done at CMU was very important for quality and organization of the data presented in this paper that resulted from very fruitful scientific discussions, which have strengthened even more the on-going collaborations with the host laboratory.”

The Faculty Exchange Program supports the exchange of academics from both Portuguese universities and CMU, so they can spend at least one term working in research and education and to experience the culture of a different institution. As part of his participation in the program, Professor Jorge Coelho submitted a report that details his immersion period and his integration in Professor Matyjaszewski’s research group, where he spares no compliments to the initiative: “I can easily state that my biggest expectations were completely exceeded. During this 4-month experience in a so enriching, dynamic and vibrant environment, I developed very important skills that certainly will be extremely useful for my future activities.”

January 2018