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ERI: Vital Responder Symposium

ERI: VR2Market: Towards a Mobile Wearable Health Surveillance Monitoring Product for First Response and other Hazardous Professions
Vital Responder Symposium
Date: January 15, 2016
Venue: Auditorium A, INESC TEC, Porto, Portugal Schedule: 14h30 (9h30@CMU)
Registration: here

The Vital Responder (VR) system has been developed under the CMU Portugal Program between 2009 and 2012. It explores the synergies between innovative wearable technologies, scattered sensor networks and precise localization to provide secure, reliable and effective first-response information services in emergency scenarios’ management. With this technology based on wearable vital signs and ambient parameter sensing, one can monitor different factors (temperature, carbon monoxide, etc.) that teams of professionals are exposed and relate them to inner-body physiological responses, such as electrocardiogram (ECG) parameters, body energy expenditure, body temperature or skin sweat level (among others). For example, one can monitor the amount of exposure to high temperature, carbon-monoxide levels, etc. of fire-fighter (FF) teams and relate them to heart rate variability (HRV) changes, inner-body temperature or other physiological alterations usually associated to stress and fatigue in humans.

“The VR2Market ERI will be the consolidation of an already long and successful line of R&D and will foster the possibility to bring to the international market new results from 5+ years of this consortium joint research,” explain João Paulo Cunha and Fernando De La Torre, the ERI PIs in Portugal and at CMU, respectively. The VR2Market is carried out in the auspices of the CMU Portugal Program, funded by FCT, and involves several institutions, namely: INESC TEC; IT; UA; CMU; Biodevices; Hospital de Gaia, Petratex, Future Cities – UPorto.


14h30 (9h30@CMU) – Welcome, coffee and cookies
14h45 (9h45@CMU) – Incident-Aid System for Firefighting – Sean Lanthier (CVO of IAS, Palo Alto, CA, USA)
15h45 (10h30@CMU) – Vital Responder – current status and future perspectives – João Paulo Cunha (INESCTEC / FEUP)
16h45 (11h15@CMU) – Discussion
17h15 (12h15@CMU) – Wrap-up and closing

The organization will have this meeting over Skype and/or other streaming platform(s) for their members away from Porto.