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EPP Student looks into Telecom Policy for Developing Countries

EPP Student looks into Telecom Policy for Developing Countries

Moinul Zaber Moinul Zaber is a Bangladeshi Ph.D. student in the Engineering and Public Policy (EPP) dual-degree program, taught by Instituto Superior Técnico from Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (IST/UTL) and Carnegie Mellon University. His prior degrees were in Engineering, but he “always had a passion for Policy related challenges.”

Zaber joined the program in 2009. After one year and a half in the program, Zaber says that this program is very “multicultural, motivating, and unique.”

Currently, he is looking at telecommunications policies in developing countries. His main focus is to build a model which would help regulators to understand what factors aid countries to embrace new technology like 4G Wireless Network. Therefore, Zaber’s thesis title is “Spectrum Policy for Efficient Development of 4G Technology.”

This Ph.D. student in EPP is also a researcher of a new project entitled “The Role of ‘User Innovators’ in the Development of Telecom Products and Services”, funded by the Car-negie Mellon Portugal Program. This project, which is carried out by Pedro Oliveira (Faculdade de Ciências Empresariais e Económicas da Universidade Católica) and Francisco Veloso (CMU), aims to investigate the role of “users” as sources of innovative ideas for new Telecom/IT products and services.

To develop his Ph.D., Zaber works closely with his two advisors: Pedro Ferreira, from IST, and Marvin Sirbu, from Carnegie Mellon University. They usually have regular meetings in person or by skype.

In terms of studies, Zaber says “I would not say that it went smooth, but nevertheless I have always enjoyed meetings with the kindhearted and highly motivated professors and peers.” After finishing his Ph.D., he expects to work on telecom regulation.

October 2010