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Entrepreneurship In Residence

Entrepreneurship In Residence
In July 2011, Carnegie Mellon Portugal and UTEN Portugal programs established a pilot Entrepreneurship in Residence program (EIR). The EIR consists of five Portuguese companies including Dognaedis, TreatU, FeedZai, ObservIT, and The purpose of the EIR is to help Portuguese companies enter the U.S. market. The EIR consist of a seven month period of one-on-one workshops, training and consultation sessions with various mentors from Carnegie Mellon University.

Over the seven month period, the EIR is broken down into three Phases. Phases I and II prepares the companies to develop pitches to potential investors and customers, provides information on topics such as knowing your market and competition, university relationships, differentiation and segmentation, and partnerships for development and distribution. Phase III consists of the Portuguese companies traveling to Pittsburgh, PA to participate in a “Business Week” which allow them the opportunity to make their pitch to potential clients, customers and investors. Additionally, the Portuguese businesses will be paired with specific U.S. companies of interest to discuss potential business options as it relates to sales, customers and investment.

Phase III will take place Feb. 8-10, 2012 in Pittsburgh (more information available here).

EIR Team members
Tara Branstad Tara Branstad
Associate Director
Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation (CTTEC)
Carnegie Mellon University
Barbara Carryer Barbara Carryer
Adjunct Professor,
Entrepreneurship, Embedded Entrepreneur, Project Olympus
Innovation Advisor, Institute for Social Innovation
Carnegie Mellon University

Thoughts on Portugal and Entrepreneurship: Trying to find their Way out of the mess Through new Venture Creation (New Venturist Blog, October 18th, 2011)

Raymond F. Vennare Raymond F. Vennare
Former President, CEO and Co-Founder
ThermalTherapeutic Systems

More Thoughts on Portugal (New Venturist Blog, November 4 th , 2011)

Dave Mawhinney CMU Dave Mawhinney
Assistant Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship
Associate Director, Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurship
Carnegie Mellon University
Managing Director, Open Field Entrepreneurs Fund at Carnegie Mellon
Director, i6 Agile Innovation System, a collaboration between InnovationWorks and Carnegie Mellon
Chairman, NewCare Solutions LLC
Former Founder, Chairman, and CEO, mSpoke Inc.
EIR Participants
DOGNAEDIS Dognaedis, start-up from the Universidade de Coimbra
DOGNÆDIS is a startup focused on information security created by a team of researchers from CERT-IPN and the Dependable Systems Group at the University of Coimbra. CodeV is our first product, acting as an automated security expert that can be integrated into the software development process, identifying potential vulnerabilities in the source code. Beyond its high coverage and low false positive rates, it supports both the developer and the (security) quality assurance team. The tool also provides an assessment of the company’s security maturity to management.

Mário Zenha-Rela and Dognædis – Computer Science Prof Turns to Entrepreneurship (New Venturist Blog, October 25 th , 2011)

feedzai FeedZai , start-up from the Universidade de Coimbra
At FeedZai we aim to enhance the real time processing of information of organizations, large and small. FeedZai Pulse provides a turn-key solution for your actionable information needs. A “Real-Time Business Appliance” that once connected to data sources immediately starts producing Business Critical information.
observit ObservIt , start-up from the Instituto Superior Técnico of the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa
Observit was born in 2001 with a simple dream: to create a market-leading company in computer vision technology, an emerging area whose potential was immediately evident. From the start, our aim has been to create the best video surveillance and image processing solutions possible for a market that demands nothing less than the highest standards. We are driven by new challenges and we value speed, flexibility and efficiency throughout the consulting, installation and maintenance process for our solutions, emphasising long-term relationships with our clients.
The ultimate goal of Treat U is to improve patient’s health and reduce costs with health care. Treat U has developed a novel and versatile platform for targeted drug delivery (PEGASEMP), allowing an increased concentration of a therapeutic agent to be effective only where it is necessary, hence increasing safety. Treat U’s main customer is the Pharmaceutical Industry, which has not been able to efficiently address tumor-specific treatments. Our customers require new technologies and products to keep their revenues at growing rates, which implies a shift in their business model towards more personalized therapies with higher specificity.

Vera Moura, bombing cancer tumors with Treat U (New Venturist Blog, November 1 st , 2011)

/uploadedImages/abouticti/partners/faces.in_logo.png, startup from Instituto Superior Técnico of the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa is a fast and fun way to discover friends nearby. Launched successfully with Vodafone as Vodafone Radar, is positioned globally to allow mobile operators get into the game of geo-location and social networking as a value-added revenue driver. offers a highly entertaining experience on Android and iPhone smartphones and is available via SMS text, a unique and crucial capability for developing markets, reaching an unmet audience of millions of users.