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Conference: IP Issues in ICT

Conference: IP Issues in ICT

ICT Conference Date: 18 June 2015
Venue: Room B032, at FEUP, Porto, Portugal
Organized by: INESC TEC

Intellectual Property (IP) is one of the foundations for building an innovative and competitive economy, and fundamental for any country investing in innovation, technology and research. Due to their nature, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) present specific challenges regarding intellectual property. The interplay between open and proprietary codes, as well as the diverse views on copyrights and software patents, requires both awareness and expertise in order to fully exploit the advantages of the IP rights system.

This is specifically designed for Academia, where renowned international IP experts will be discussing the importance of IP and patents in the area of ICT. This is one of the initiatives organised as part of INESC TEC’s 30th anniversary celebrations.


9:00 am – Registration

9:30 am – Opening session
INESC TEC President

10:00 am – Computer implemented inventions – the current view of the European Patent Office
EPO patent examiner for Computer Implemented Inventions, Munich, Germany

11:00 am – Coffee break

11:30 am – IP strategy in IMEC: applied research in ICT and microelectronics
Kathleen De Belder, IP Business and Intelligence officer, IMEC, Leuven, Belgium

12:30 pm – Lunch break

02:00 pm – Open source software issues: licenses, patents and defensive publications
Malcolm Bain, Partner, id law partners, Barcelona, Spain

03:00 pm – Industry trends in open innovation communities
Mirko Boehm, Director for Linux System Definition, Open Innovation Network, Berlin, Germany

04:00 pm – Closing session