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CMU’s Second Poker Robot will go Head to Head with Humans

CMU’s Second Poker Robot will go Head to Head with Humans
Carnegie Mellon University’s poker robot, Libratus, will be duelling human opponents on January 11, in an attempt at a milestone: an AI machine winning an incomplete-information game.

Daniel McAuley, Jimmy Chou, Dong Kim and Jason Les are the poker pros that will play against Libratus in a series of hands, over the course of the 20-day tournament. The clash will take place at Rivers Casino, in Pittsburgh and the prize for the winner is $200,000.

Libratus was created by Tuomas Sandholm, professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon, and Noam Brown, a doctoral student under his advisory. This is the second AI machine specialized for poker games created at Carnegie Mellon. The first iteration, Claudico, lost to another group of players, that include two of this year’s challengers.

The poker robot Libratus was created with an algorithm designed to study strategies of this type of game and has been tested over 15 million hours. Other games that AI have already conquered, Chess and Go, are perfect-information games: each player knows exactly what moves have been made and what space is left on the board to consider. Poker is an imperfect-information game, which makes it far more challenging for artificial intelligence to master.

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