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CMU Professor is Optimistic About the Future of Automation

The future of Human-Robot interaction through the eyes of an expert CMU Professor is Optimistic About the Future of Automation
Carnegie Mellon University’s Head of Machine Learning Department and CMU Portugal PI, Professor Manuela Veloso, was in Portugal recently and several Portuguese news outlets took the opportunity to learn her views on the subject of automation. Professor Veloso was interviewed by specialized economics daily newspaper Jornal Económico and the daily newspaper Jornal de Notícias on the future of work and how robots and artificial intelligence will affect it.

Manuela Veloso states on this interview, as she has before, that the humans and the robots will coexist, “It will be a computer that knows about our lives. It’ll not take much time. We just need a Google that wants to do robots.”

Throughout the interview, Professor Veloso maintains an optimistic outlook, pointing out that the changes will not happen overnight: “Not in the next 20 or 30 years. There are no robots that know how to make beds or wash toilets.” She adds that “people that find themselves out of work due to automation will find other jobs.”

Read the Portuguese interview at Jornal de Negócios Online and Jornal de Negócios (PDF version) (March 15, 2017) Jornal de Notícias (PDF version) (March 19, 2017).