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CMU Portugal Welcomes New Students with “Interface between Technology and Society” Workshop

Orientation Day 2016 was held on September 17 at Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics CMU Portugal Welcomes New Students with “Interface between Technology and Society” Workshop

Almost 30 students accepted CMU Portugal Program’s (CMU Portugal) Orientation Day challenge for a full-day event that took place on September 17, in Lisbon, under the theme “CMU Portugal Program: at the Interface between Technology and Society”.

The event, which is part of CMU Portugal’s annual calendar, marks the beginning of a new academic year, welcoming the new students and introducing them to the partnership. Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics (CLSBE) was the venue for this year.

2016_Orientation_Day_1 The Chairman of New Energy Solutions, Jorge Vasconcelos, was the industry expert invited to deliver the keynote, titled “The energy transition: how public policies and technology create innovation – and how industry and society react”. The participants’ feedback revealed a high level of interest in the keynote, conducted by one of the world’s leading specialists in the area.The afternoon agenda also included a roundtable moderated by the Coordinator of the CMU Portugal Dual Degree PhD in EPP at FEUP, José Silva Matos, with the participation of the PhD alumni Alexandre Mateus, Policy Analyst at the European Commission, Paul van der Boor, Consultant at McKinsey & Company, and Leid Zejnilovic, Assistant Professor at Nova SBE. The alumni offered their views on the topic of the workshop, and shared their experiences under the CMU Portugal partnership, as well as valuable advice to all the students that attended the session. The workshop started with the welcome words of João Pedro Covas, on behalf of CLSBE, and an overview of the Program by the National Director, Professor João Claro. The current PhD students Zita Marinho (CS-Robotics) and Jaime Bonnín (EPP) followed, sharing their experiences in the program, and emphasizing key points of the Portuguese-American partnership and lessons learned so far. As usual on every Orientation Day, the morning was occupied with networking and cultural activities. This year, CMU Portugal organized a visit to the Museu Nacional do Azulejo (National Tile Museum). The guests were treated to a guided tour and a workshop, in which they had the opportunity to paint their own tiles, based on templates of traditional Portuguese tile designs and their own drawing skills. 2016_Orientation_Day_2

September 2016