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CMU Portugal supported eight students to visit CMU

A group of eight talented master’s students and recent master’s graduates from Portuguese Institutions has been selected to develop their research work in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) field at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). The researchers will be financed under CMU Portugal’s “Visiting Students Program”; an initiative supported by CMU Portugal and Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT).

The eight selected candidates will spend almost three months performing research at CMU from October to December, 2022. They will be mentored by CMU’s leading faculty and researchers and immersed in Carnegie Mellon’s culture. While in Pittsburgh, the group of visiting students will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills as researchers, while opening perspectives for future careers in cutting-edge fields of ICT.

Since the beginning of the CMU Portugal Program, 41 students have had the opportunity to visit CMU under the scope of its mobility programs, one of the key educational initiatives of the Partnership.

In 2022, the eight new visiting students were selected from five different Portuguese Research Institutions to be hosted at six CMU Departments:

Alexandra Gonçalves, Master student at Instituto Superior Técnico, hosted at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute by Professor Jodi Forlizzi.
Research topic: Investigation of Robot Persuasion Strategies

Diogo Soares, Master student at Instituto Superior Técnico,  hosted at the Institute for Software Research by Professor David Garlan.
Research topic: Predicting the Impact of Retraining Machine Learning Models

João Pinho, Researcher at INESC ID, hosted at the Language Technologies Institute by Professor Eric Nyberg.
Research topic: Developing New Ideas for Autonomous Driving Algorithms with Certain Safety Guarantees

José Gomes, Research engineer at Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica from Instituto Superior Técnico, hosted at the Robotics Institute by Professor Fernando De la Torre.
Research topic: Dynamic Generative Models for Human Motion

Marcelo Jacinto, Researcher at Institute for Systems and Robotics from Instituto Superior Técnico, hosted at the Robotics InstituteAir Lab by Professor Sebastian Scherer.
Research topic:  Autonomous Aerial Cinematography – Distributed Target Tracking, Motion Planning and Control of Aerial Vehicles Moving in Unstructured Environments

Marta Freitas, Researcher at Institute of Systems and Robotics (University of Coimbra), hosted at the Department of Mechanical Engineering by Professor Carmel Majidi.
Research topic: Integrated Printed Soft Robots

Pedro Madeira (Scientist at Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS) hosted at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering by Professor Asim Smailagic.
Research topic: Linear Separability Analysis: Human-readable Explanations of Outliers and Rare Cases in Medical Images

Sofia Pereira (Ph.D. candidate at FEUP/INESC TEC),  hosted at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering by Professor Asim Smailagic.
Research topic: Addressing Feature Conflicts in Multi-label Radiology Images