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CMU Portugal MHCI Students – Presentation of Capstone Projects

CMU Portugal MHCI Students – Presentation of Capstone Projects
Date: May 20, 2015 at 15:00 am
Location: M-ITI, floor -2, Funchal, Madeira

The students of the Human-Computer Interaction dual degree Master program will be doing a mid-term presentation of the two Capstone Projects Push and WavesFM.


15h00 Opening Speeches

Nuno Jardim Nunes – M-iti’s President of the Board

José Carmo – Rector of University of Madeira*

Jorge Carvalho – Regional Secretary of Education*

15h20 ‘2 minutes madness’

with teams: Push and WavesFM

15h30 MHCI Capstone Project Presentation


16h00 MHCI Capstone Project Presentation

TEAM WavesFM + RootIO (Uganda)

16h45 Madeira D’Honra @M-iti’s Garden

* To be confirmed


Team Push is working for PLAY* (Poland) looking to understand how families with primary school age children interact and communicate in order to design an engaging service that facilitates family relationships.

∞ PLAY is a mobile network operator based in Poland. PLAY’s key competitive advantages have been based so far on best on the market value for money B2C voice and data offer for individual customers.

TEAM WavesFM + RootIO (Uganda)

Team WavesFM is working with RootIO (Uganda). Their goal is to research the diversity of the Ugandan diaspora in order to determine how Ugandans abroad can use technology to contribute to their homeland in ways other than personal financial support (remittances).

∞ RootIO aims to rebuild radio in the era of wifi and peer production, for and with rural communities in the global south. We start with “microstations” powered only by small, inexpensive FM transmitters and Android smart phones. For the 90% of the world’s population that doesn’t live in a handful of rich countries, radio is how most people get their news and information. While the economic and technical structure of radio has changed little over the last 100+ years.