CMU Portugal 2021 Doctoral Symposium

Developing a supportive community for all researchers pursuing their PhDs under the scope of CMU Portugal initiatives

The CMU Portugal Program is organizing on September 15th, a Doctoral Symposium directed to all dual-degree CMU Portugal Ph.D. candidates, Affiliated Ph.D. Programs candidates, and all Ph.D. candidates conducting their doctoral thesis under one of the CMU Portugal research Projects (ERIs, ERPs, Large-Scale projects). The main goal of this initiative is to foster a supportive community of Ph.D. candidates and promote a collaborative research environment by providing participants the opportunity to present their work plans and discuss the results with their peers.

In addition to more than 20 students, the event will count on the participation onsite of both CMU Portugal National Directors, Inês Lynce and Nuno Nunes and CMU Portugal Director at CMU, José Fonseca de Moura.

Location: Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Lisbon and Live Streaming
Date: September 15th / 2pm to 6pm (Lisbon) / 9am to 1pm (Pittsburgh)


CMU Portugal Ph.D. Educational offer

The Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program currently offers, with the support of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and in a partnership with various higher education institutions in Portugal and Carnegie Mellon, two different types of Ph.D. programs and scholarships:  Dual Degree Ph.D. Programs available since the start of the international partnership in 2006 and the Affiliated Ph.D. Programs launched for the first time in 2021. Upon completion of the Dual Degree Ph.D., students receive a dual degree as students from both Carnegie Mellon and a partner University in Portugal. Under the Affiliated Ph.D. Program students will be hosted exclusively at a Portuguese University, with a research period at Carnegie Mellon up to 1 year. CMU Portugal also hosts diverse funding instruments for research projects through which Ph.D. candidates are supported at several Portuguese universities. These students conduct their thesis within the researcher topics close to the CMU Portugal action areas and often in collaboration with CMU researchers.

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