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CMU Alumni Portuguese Chapter receives record-high attendance

Events in Lisbon, Porto and online may be a reality on the near future
CMU Alumni Portuguese Chapter Receives Record-high Attendance
The 2016 Spring Event took place last April 15 in Lisbon, at Equal Experts.

Alumni Chapter The CMU Alumni Portuguese Chapter received a record-high attendance on its last event, on April 15, hosted by Equal Experts, in Lisbon, at the IDEIAhub in Parque das Nações. With a participation of 16 people, the chapter had as main objectives the building and strengthening of the bridges between CMU and innovative companies.

“We aim to raise CMU awareness in Europe as a source of talented individuals, with a special focus on the CMU Portugal Program, by sharing our experiences with the community”, explained chapter leaders Miguel Duarte and Ricardo Marques.

The group presented itself, by talking a few minutes regarding their current position and the challenges that they face everyday and discussed some of the next steps of the chapter, that include a chapter election around May/June and possible events in Lisbon or Porto.

“We will invite CMU Alumni and companies to share their experience and current projects. We are considering broadcasting the events online, so that we can broaden the audience and reach out to chapter members abroad”, reveal both leaders.

The CMU Alumni is also intending to create a closer relationship with other Alumni groups.

“We have already reached out to the Alumni Chapter in the London and intend to reach out to other chapters in Europe. Hosting a joint event online would be a great way to connect!,” consider Miguel and Ricardo.

The event had the participation of João Rodrigues (MHCI’11), Daniel Freitas (MHCI’11), Rogério Afonso (MSE’10), João Almeida (MSE’09), Cátia Sousa (MHCI’13), Filipa Jervis (MHCI’08), Rui Aguiar (MSE’11), Bruno Lopes (MSIN’08), Gonçalo Pereira (MSIN’08), Fábio Ferreira (MSIN’08), Wang Ling (PhD Student), Zita Marinho (PhD Student), Sabina Zejnilovic (PhD Student), Sofia Morais (MSE’12), Ricardo Marques (MSIT-IS’08) and Miguel Duarte (MSE’10) who got the chance, according to Miguel, of “learning a bit more of what it is that makes all of us different, while sharing a common inheritance”.

* The CMU Alumni Portuguese Chapter, one of the first CMU Alumni groups in Europe, was created in 2009 by Luís Costa (MSIT-IS’08), Filipa Jervis (MHCI’08) and Ricardo Caetano (MSIN’08) and aims to provide CMU Alumni with a CMU home outside CMU. The chapter keeps the community operating as a professional family, providing a great network of resources which anyone anywhere can leverage to share experience and achieve better results at any given task. It also provides a bridge between Alumni, the Program and industry, facilitating the connection among people with differentiated goals.

* Equal Experts (EE) is a network of IT consultants, specialized in the agile delivery of projects of all shapes and sizes. With offices in the US, Canada, UK, Portugal and India, EE’s software solutions serve millions of customers in the private and public sectors.