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Case-study in Policy Analysis Wins Best Part B Exam

EPP Dual Degree Student :: Jaime Bonnín Roca Case-study in Policy Analysis Wins Best Part B Exam
The author Jaime Bonnín Roca also had his Part A exam published in Nature Materials August 2016 edition

Jaime Bonnín Roca The dual degree PhD student, Jaime Bonnín Roca, achieved the Best Part B Qualifier Examination, by presenting a case-study in policy analysis, and had his part A exam published in Nature Materials August 2016 edition. The exam is a mandatory evaluation procedure at the Engineering and Public Policy PhD (EPP), which the student is attending at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and at Instituto Superior Técnico/Universidade de Lisboa (IST/UL).

” It was fun, but I didn’t expect to win. Autonomous vehicles are all over the news but there are still challenges. I think my solution stand out in analysing social implications of technological change “, says the student, Jaime Bonnín Roca.

The part B exam is an extended take-home examination on an applied problem in policy analysis.

As CMU clarifies, “the Qualifying Examinations are conducted once a year, in January”, and part B is always after part A. The exam “must be taken after students have been in the program for three semesters. The objective is to assess the student’s ability to do interdisciplinary research.”

“I was confident I would pass Part A. After three semesters, there should not be room for surprises regarding research. Part B is trickier because you never know what to expect, and you may simply have a bad week. However, it is also fairer because all the students have the same problem to solve” , explains Jaime Bonnín Roca.

Jaime Bonnín Roca works on the feasibility and impact of additive manufacturing in the aerospace industry and his provisional thesis title is “Challenges and Opportunities in the Introduction of Metal Additive Manufacturing”. His advisors are Joana Mendonça (IST/UL) and Granger Morgan, Erica Fuchs and Parth Vaishnav (CMU) and his expected conclusion date is Spring 2018.

The best part B Exam author is also linked to CMU Portugal Entrepreneurial Research Initiative E4Value. The main objective of this project is to understand how a country like Portugal can be more effective and proactive on the aeronautics industry.

Jaime Bonnín Roca’s part A Exam may be read in Nature Materials August 2016 edition.

More information available at:

Innovation Dynamics in Aeronautics and Embraer in Évora

Technology and Policy in Aerospace

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