Capstone Projects Presentation

Capstone Projects Presentation
Date: December 19, 2013
Time: 3 pm
Venue: Madeira Tecnopolo, -2 floor
Projects description
Team PowerHouse (MHCI) – Museu Casa da Luz
Our project aims to create a design solution for the first floor exhibit at the Casa da Luz that is appealing to both youth and tourists. We are re-envisioning the exhibit space as well as developing one module within the exhibit using varied research and design methods. The module itself encourages individuals to think about their electrical energy consumption choices using simple, colorful interactions and a dynamic LED feedback display, as well as information panels with rich supplementary content. Our goals were to understand the unique electricity challenges in Madeira, the construction and narrative of museum spaces, and the best ways to engage museum patrons, in order to create an optimal experience that encourages exploration and learning.
Team members: Ray Liaw (USA), Cátia Sousa (PT), Shailie Thakkar (USA), Sam Lavery (USA)

Team Edesia (MHCI) – Eat & Travel
Eat & Travel is a technology startup that is trying to bring an immersive experience of traveling along the Lisbon coast to restaurants. The MHCI capstone project is tasked with designing a web experience that can attract potential clients and patrons to the innovative restaurant concept.
Team members: Raunaq Gupta (India), Ashley Wilson (USA), Sheila Christian (USA)

Team Epic (MHCI) – Wow!Systems
WOW Systems is primarily involved in multimedia installations and want to expand into the domain of the application development.
They feel that there is a niche to be found in the realm of creative writing and tools which support this.
We need to understand what fuels creativity and writing in order to develop an application which provides a compelling writing experience.
In short:Writing is difficult.We are here to make the process EPIC.
Team Members: Namrata Kannan (India), Luis Guzman (Guatemala), Kristine Mendoza (USA), Susan Buenafe (USA)