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Brave New World: Did the Future Arrive Too Early?

Brave New World: Did the Future Arrive Too Early?
Date: June 12 th 2015
Location: Casa da Música, Porto

Some of the greatest international technology experts will be at Casa da Música to debate the new trends in the field and what the current increasing technological advancement will bring us. “Brave New World: Did the Future Arrive Too Early?”, organized by the Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos, is a day-long event, with discussion four panels under the themes “Digital Me”, “Intelligent Life”, “Economy 2.0” and “Digital Republic”.

The opening remarks will be delivered by Manuela Veloso , professor at Carnegie Mellon University and former president of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence. She is deeply involved in the CMU Portugal program, as a leader of an ERI project and advisor of several PhD students. Also among the long list of speakers are Evgeni Morozov , author and Slate columnist; Bruce Sterling , science-fiction author and Wired columnist; Ellen Jorgensen , Genspace director; Tyler Cohen , economist, professor and director of the Mercatus Center.


8:00 Welcome Session

9:30 Opening Remarks

Manuela Veloso, Professor of Carnegie Mellon University

10:00 Coffee Break

10:30 Digital Me

David Brin, Fellow of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

Evgeni Morozo, Columnist for Slate

11:45 Intelligent Life

Ellen Jorgensen, Director for Genspace

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Economy 2.0

Tyler Cohen, Director for Mercatus Center

15:45 Digital Republic

Andrew Chadwick, Professor of University of London

Francisca Bria, Senior Project Lead of Nesta

Mário Campolargo, Director for “Net Futures” in DG CONNECT

17:00 Coffee Break

17:30 Jake Bowers Interviews Bruce Sterling

Jake Bowers, Professor of University of Illinois

Bruce Sterling, Columnist for Wired

18:15 Meeting Summary

Ana Lehmann, Professor of Católica-Lisbon School of Bussiness & Economics

18:30 Closing Remarks

Alexandre Soares dos Santos, Founder of Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos

19:00 Special Feature from “Governo Sombra” TV show

Carlos Vaz Marques, João Miguel Tavares, Ricardo Araújo Pereira and Pedro Mexia