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Bio Boards – Longboards for the Road

All in Surf is one of the 2016 inRes teams, currently in Pittsburgh Bio Boards – Longboards for the Road
One of the 2016 CMU Portugal Program inRes teams, All In Surf, together with Bio Boards, have launched a modified skateboard inspired in surfboards and the way they behave in the water. The Portuguese weekly magazine, Notícias Magazine, interviewed Ricardo Marques for a long article detailing his journey, how the idea for the boards came about and the startup’s direction in the future.

Bio Board is a Portuguese innovation made with materials that are recycled, recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable. It is a three wheeled skateboard, that tries to imitate the handling of a surf board, for the same experience in the water and on the road.

Read the article in Portuguese at Notícias Magazine (October 9, 2016)