Astro and VIZZY, two CMU Portugal Robots featured in DN Insider Magazine

Two CMU Portugal Program Entrepreneurial Research Initiatives (ERI) Projects were highlighted in the Portuguese Magazine DN Insider, a Diário de Notícias Newspaper supplement. The eight page article is focused on the development and impact of robots “made in Portugal,” including two robots that are being developed under the CMU Portugal Program: VIZZY, from the AHA – Augmented Human Assistance project and ASTRO developed under the scope of the INSIDE Project.

Vizzy is a robot that helps people with reduced mobility, such as elderly people during physical training in order to prevent sedentarism and support active aging and has its own Facebook page; and ASTRO helps children with autism in therapy sessions.  The article was based on interviews with Alexandre Bernardino, PI of the AHA ERI and researcher at the Institute of Systems and Robotics of the Instituto Superior Técnico and Francisco Melo, PI of the INSIDE ERI and researcher at INESC-ID.

In addition to the robots from the two ERIs, the piece also brought up the Exploratory Research Project Feedbot, who received a 100K Investment from the CMU Portugal Program in 2017, and is being led by the researcher Manuel Marques with the collaboration of the renowned Carnegie Mellon Portugal faculty member, Manuela Veloso. The project is working on the development of a portable robot arm to help people with severe motor disabilities to eat independently.

Please read the full article here.