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AddVolt distinguished by Portugal Ventures

The Portuguese Company Addvolt, was one of the winners at the 2023 edition of the Portugal Ventures Awards, an initiative aimed at startups that stood out the most in the national entrepreneurial ecosystem in 2023.

Addvolt, a company focused on Building smart and sustainable transportation worldwide, was recognized in the Startup Industry & Technology category, a testament to its innovative contributions to the field

Founded in 2014 by four alumni from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) and launched by UPTEC, the Company was one of the selected projects of the 2014 and first edition of the CMU Portugal initiative inRES – Entrepreneurship in Residence Program – a business acceleration program for entrepreneurial teams in the area of ICT. 

Addvolt has developed a Plug-in Electric system – a groundbreaking technology already patented in several territories – that ensures the distribution of fresh and frozen products without using diesel. Additionally, it is emissions-free and operates with low noise due to the combination of a gas vehicle with the refrigeration system electrically powered by Addvolt.

The 2023 company’s distinction follows its success in 2022, where it was already awarded by  Portugal Ventures, underscoring the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

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