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A look inside the Portuguese startup adventure

A Look Inside the Portuguese Startup Adventure
The website for the British multinational corporation venture capital conglomerate,, has published a blog post on the Portuguese entrepreneurial growth, in its Entrepreneur section.

In the article, many causes are cited for the new wave of entrepreneurship in the country, that is connected with the recent economy recovery, the new jobs created and the unemployment rate fall. But the highlight goes to the CMU Portugal Program, that has championed the “spirit of its seafaring ancestors, Portuguese start-ups launch with an eye on international expansion, with an inbuilt desire for collaboration across continents.”

The example cited in the feature is of startup PPL Crowdfunding Portugal, with three former full-time students of the programme in the team: Yoann Nesme, Paulo Silva Pereira, Pedro Domingos, and Pedro Oliveira, Principal Investigator of two CMU Portugal research projects and co-founder of Patient Innovation.

Read the full article at (August 21, 2017)