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2023 CMU Portugal Doctoral Symposium: Fostering Collaboration and Building a Strong Community network

The 2023 CMU Portugal Doctoral Symposium took place on December 6th and 7th at Culturgest, Lisbon, and Scott Hall, CMU, bringing together over 80 Ph.D. students, faculty members and researchers. 

The Symposium, a cornerstone of the CMU Portugal Program, provided a platform for students to engage in a collaborative exchange of ideas, building upon the success of the Program’s previous Orientation days and the 2021 Doctoral Symposium. The event is a hub for fostering collaboration and expanding the network of Ph.D. candidates. Throughout the day all students had the opportunity to present their research developed under the Program and to discuss the results with their peers.

The first day started in Lisbon with a Welcome Session with the presence of president of Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, Madalena Alves, and CMU Portugal National Co-Director Inês Lynce, who welcomed the new students and highlighted the Program’s commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation among its community. 

Following the Welcome session, “Roundtable: The CMU Portugal Ph.D. experience” took place with CMU Portugal Ph.D. students Maria Casimiro, Luís Gomes, Neeta Khanuja (remote) and Pedro Mendes in a session hosted by Inês Lynce. This discussion, organized by students Maria Casimiro and Diogo Pereira, featured insights, best practices, and personal narratives to share with other students an overall vision of what it’s like to study  at CMU.

The CMU Portugal Program 2023 Symposium counted on the submission of 16 posters by first and second-year students currently in Portugal or CMU, all exhibited at Culturgest. Students attending in Lisbon were able to present their posters onsite during the Poster Session, giving them a great opportunity to foster connections within the  CMU Portugal Community and showcase the research that they will further develop during their Ph.D. 

All posters are also available on the Symposium E-Poster Gallery

The afternoon in Lisbon and morning in Pittsburgh, was dedicated to students from third year onwards, who had the opportunity to present their research through 24 engaging oral presentations across four parallel sessions. CMU Portugal faculty members chaired these sessions across several fields of research. 

Session 1 was moderated by Cláudia Soares (FCT NOVA) and Paula Marques (UAveiro) and showcased  students from Electrical & Computer Engineering and Engineering & Public Policy: Diogo Cardoso, Manuel Reis Carneiro, Latifah Almaghrabi, Tamás Karácsony, Pedro Valdeira, Afonso Amaral and Afonso Tinoco.

Session 2 was led by Gabriel Falcão (UCoimbra) and Lia Patrício (FEUP) with students from Electrical and Computer Engineering, Engineering and Public Policy and Computer Science: Cláudio Gomes, Diana Vieira Fernandes, João Fonseca, Sofia Martins, António Brito, Miguel Ferreira and Margarida Ferreira.

Session 3 had João Magalhães (FCT NOVA) as moderator and included CMU Portugal students from 4 different áreas, Computer Science, Language Technologies, Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction: Luís Borges, Daniel Ramos,  Maria Casimiro, Pedro Mendes and Catarina Fidalgo.

Session 4 was moderated by Nuno Santos (Técnico | INESC ID) with presentations from students in Computer Science and Software Engineering: Luis Gomes, Ricardo Brancas, Eduard Pinconschi, Nuno Sabino and Paulo Canelas. 

Together, they provided evidence for a perspective on the diverse and multidisciplinary research developed under the scope of CMU Portugal Program. Throughout the day, all participants were invited to vote in the Best Poster and Best Presentation through a Web App created exclusively for the Symposium. At the Closing Session, CMU Portugal Director Inês Lynce awarded Cláudia Mamede (currently at CMU) for her Poster and António Brito for his oral Presentation!

The second day was exclusively dedicated to students attending in Lisbon who engaged in two tailored training sessions: “Entrepreneurial skills for scientists: the basics”, a capacity building workshop on generating and developing entrepreneurial ideas and “Making Great Presentations”, a workshop to explore how to present with power and to get your ideas heard and understood.

The 2023 CMU Portugal Doctoral Symposium celebrated the achievements of its students, fostered collaboration, while building valuable networks to support them throughout their Doctoral Pathway.

 2023 CMU Portugal Doctoral Symposium Symposium website.